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YIP COIN is an impending crypto that can be switched for Bitcoin just like Binance coin and the rest. We also provide financial services for traders across the world. We are one of the fastest growing online brokers with our own designed coin. The YIP COIN platforms gives you instant access to switch coin, reserve and invest into our upcoming projects. YIP COIN will be listed in the coin market in 2021. Our developers have been working on this project since 2018 and will kick off officially in 2021. Our current investors and switchers will also have share when this project is listed and officially launched.
You can switch trade coins and get paid while doing that. When you switch trade coins you get paid daily depending on the plan you choose to switch trade. You can switch-trade Bitcoin for YIP COIN and get paid in your Bitcoin wallets. The company pays you 10% to 20% daily for switching and testing our project.

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